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Batten Down the Hatches For Scott Bond and Marc Mitchell’s Trance Storm, “Airfoil”

scott bond

We received an email from one of readers who is absolutely in love with the new track from Scott Bond and Marc Mitchell, Airfoil, and we couldn’t agree more. This is one for our trance fans out there. Be prepared to take an amazing journey with this track. But we will let Jason Dombek tell you why he loves this track so much.

The second release on Scott Bond’s new record label, REBOOTED, is certainly one not to be missed! Scott Bond & Marc Mitchell – Airfoil delivers a true stormer of a trance tune in five excellent mixes all across the trance spectrum! If you’re looking for the bangin’ trance from yesteryear that you thought was lost, but apparently has not been forgotten, pick up this release! The REBOOTED Remix starts things off with upbeat, bangin’ trance! This one’s got everything: deep driving bass, melancholic atmospheric synth guitar, beautifully layered piano. The track builds and the bass gets a bit deeper as the synth guitar comes into play more heavily. The break comes in, floating the listener to cloud9 with synths and bittersweet piano layers. Synth guitar comes back in more prominently, complimented by piano layers. Building out of the break, powerful driving bass kicks back in, all elements coming together perfectly to finish off this stormer of a tune.

The Standerwick Remix picks up where the REBOOTED Remix left off and takes things a bit dirtier. Synth guitar is noticeably missing, but stays true to the original qualities in the REBOOTED Remix while taking a look at the tune from a slightly different angle. The Splattered Implant feat. Crystal Blakk Remix takes things to a completely different dimension, taking on a progressive psy-trance interpretation of the tune. A dark, intro mix, this one truly catches the listeners attention immediately. Deep rolling psy-bass kicks it off with an oscillating acid-influence in the background that starts to build as the track progresses. The track turns into an almost classically dark-synth trance breakdown giving the listener the feeling of being in an abandoned warehouse. The ‘ft. Crystall Blakk’ remix is explained, as a female voice not found in the other versions comes in, chanting of physics and aerodynamics. Dark. Progressive. Psy. The Simon Templar remix takes down the bpm for a more progressive-trance take on the tune. Melancholic synth guitar from the Rebooted Remix comes back for the break. Lush, uplifting floaty synths on this progressive beauty create for a great set-builder version of this fantastic tune.

The Stephane Badey Remix is 140 bpm killer from the get go. This one storms. Deep, driving, bass-heavy. Synth guitar and piano come back for this beautifully uplifting breakdown. A definite peak-time to 4am version of this track! All in all, this is a must-have release for any trance fan. With 5 beautifully done remixes in this package, it’s hard not to find something the listener will love. I usually like to conserve giving out my 10 out of 10’s…but I don’t see how I can justify giving this release anything less. Beautifully done, diverse package. 10/10.
Written by Jason Dombek

We love that one of our readers felt compelled to share his personal feelings on a track with us. What are some of your favorite tracks and why? Tell us and you might just get published in our reviews section.

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Phillip was raised on so many different genres of music, it has given him a unique perspective into the ever evolving music scene. Trance music began defining his life at the young age of 14, but thoroughly enjoys any type of music equally. He sees the music as an escape from the daily doldrums of life and says music can change a persons life in an instant pulling from his own experiences. His only goal in life is to share wonderful music with people and take electronic music to a higher plain with more accountability and creating a safer environment for his friends.

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