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Adastra Brings the Summer Vibes With Latest Single, ‘Just Fine’

Bass Therapy at Stage has been synonymous with producing quality bass related artists. Amid the maelstrom of drum n bass, dubstep, metalcore, and other various forms of bass music artists, Adastra releases a new track on Bass Therapy Network called Just Fine. Though the song deviates from traditional hardcore bass for a more future-bass, edm-pop crossover.

Just Fine is a track that showcases the best of the Northwest. The label it was released on is based in Seattle as are the producer and vocalist. The graphic designer of the track art is based in Portland. Tapping into the local artistry of the great Pacific Northwest makes this track a special one filled with emotional summer vibes that will make you yearn for long nights on the beach with your best friends.

The track starts out with low melodic basslines with a slow progression layered with snapping fingers. 20 seconds in and Just Fine vocals from Daym that is layered with future-bass inspired synths. Vocalist Daym delivers on the emotion, with a strong sense of melancholy mixed with reminiscence the vocals hit on the heartstrings hard but in a good way. This transports the listener to a pop-induced euphoric dimension where everyone is free with their emotions.

Towards the end of Just Fine the BPMs pick up and make you want to dance while singing loudly along with the lyrics. Daym suggests that after everything that’s happened he is doing just fine. And that’s the best way to describe this track: just fine. You are just fine, and listening to this track will make you feel even more fine because it seems to understand the exact mood you will be in when you listen to it.

But don’t take our word for it, listen to the track below and discover just how fine your day will be after listening to it. The pop over to Spotify to save it to your summer playlists, download it from the iTunes or Google Play and make it a staple of your summer shenanigans. Plus by doing so, you’ll be supporting the local community, and that’s pretty cool!