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Slander Goes Above & Beyond Trap With ‘Love Is Not Enough’

So you totally got to go last weekend to Above & Beyond’s make-up show and you are still buzzing off the musical highs.. OR you are like the other 99% that missed out yet again (and SICK of hearing about it). Well, as a peace offering for both parties, we’d like to share with you the newest and greatest Above & Beyond remix, sent from the heavens (well, basically..). LA duo Slander give A&B’s gem Love Is Not Enough a “heaven trap” edit which is based off of the latest acoustic version we already can’t seem to get enough of. Building off the acoustic’s violins and guitar picks, Slander blended in a nice 808 super-bass and vocal chops to breathe in a new and vibrant life to the angelic original. Take a listen below, and if you love it too, download it free.


Although A&B have been getting all the attention lately, let’s not dismiss the great work of artists like Slander who’ve been killing it in the trap realm. With play-out support  from EDM bigs like Diplo, Slander is rising at a steady pace – and if they keep up the unusual pairings and inventive trap sound like they did with Love Is Not Enough, there’s no stopping Slander’s tracks from becoming festival favorites all summer long. So don’t be late to the party; follow Slander below, and don’t be too surprised if their next release breaks new ground like this one.

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