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A Few Things To Know About Club Etiquette

7. Safety

Unfortunately we live in a society where leaving your drinks unattended can have some very serious consequences. Men and women get drugged at clubs all the time. Use the buddy system. Keep an eye out for each other and keep an eye out for how many drinks each of you has had. You should also have a plan on getting home. Drunk driving is NEVER cool. Arrange to have a designated driver or take a cab to the venue. A $35 cab ride is far cheaper than the consequences for a DUI, or worse. You should get the Lyft or Uber app for your smart phone.


8. We’re Not In A Hockey Rink

Bum rushing the stage is only appropriate never. It’s a night club, not a massive music festival. Chances are the venue isn’t that big. You will have a great vantage point from pretty much anywhere. So give people some room to move. Nothing is worse than getting your groove on and having someone knock you over. We have even seen friends sustain broken bones from the stupidity of another.

hockey meme

One more important point: DON”T come up behind a girl and start grinding. That is something kids do when they are in 8th grade. When we become adults,  we put away childish things. If you want to dance with a lady, be a gentleman, and buy her a drink.  Get to know her first. This plan of attack will yield much better results. Trust us.

Tell us what you think of our list. What other points of club etiquette do you follow?

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