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A Few Things To Know About Club Etiquette

4. Tipping

This is what we do to show respect to a person who provided us with a service or bent the rules. For bartenders, everyone knows it’s roughly a dollar per drink (even for non-alcoholic beverages) or $2 for a complicated cocktail, maybe more, depending on how complicated your order is. But you might get faster service if you tip them big early in the night. For the coat check, I’ve always tipped a dollar for putting it away and another when I get it back. The bouncers are there to make sure you are safe and that rules are followed. Sometimes they bend them for you and they should be compensated for that.


5. Getting Drinks

We have seen bars that are five people deep eagerly awaiting a beverage. Don’t cut your way to the front! This makes people upset and has been the cause for many bar fights. Patience is one key to a great night. Waiting in line for your beverage is another great opportunity to make new friends. As an added note, if you’re going to use a credit card, open a tab with the bartender. Observe caption below…



Just imagine if you were at work and someone came up to you and told you how to do your job. DJs absolutely hate it when people make requests. We understand that it’s your birthday, or bachelor/bachelorete party, but you have to know how annoying this is. The DJ has pent a lot of time putting their routines and their sets together. Just know that they are not going to do it for you. Leveling threats against them doesn’t help either. If you and your friends are going to leave if the DJ doesn’t play your song, then leave. When you’re having a good time, nobody wants to be around a cry baby.

dont bother the dj

Chances are if you treat the DJ with respect, you might end up having the greatest night ever. Just read what Griz did when the cops shut him down.

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