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5 Questions with Ty Acord, AKA Scout

Back on August 31 it was announced that Ty Acord AKA Scout had won Zedd’s I Want You To Know remix contest. The list of prizes was generous to say the least, and the remix that won it deserved it without a doubt. What was surprising was that Scout was already active in the music industry, and not in dance music. He mans the turntables, synth, and keyboard in the band Issues, and slays on drums in A Memoria Brooded. For a guy with so much experience in metalcore and all around heavy beats, you probably wouldn’t expect the level of chill that his solo music offers.

5 Questions with Scout

1. Last year you played solo sets on the Beatport stage at Warped Tour. Warped Tour has a bit of a different crowd than your typical EDM-listener. How would you describe the sound of those sets? What were the audience reactions?

They were definitely fun; it was my first real solo set. I had a lot to learn, and no one to really learn from at the time, so there was a lot that could’ve been better. But I still had a great time none the less. The reactions were … mixed to say the least. Haha. Some days the crowd was really feelin it and vibing with me, and other days people would stare and walk away. It was cool, but probably the last time I play music like that on Warped Tour.

2. In an interview with APTV about a year ago, you talked about your use of vinyl. Are you still working fully with vinyl, or have you warmed up to MIDI controllers?

I am, and it’s still my favorite. However it’s not super realistic in a club setting I suppose. I’ve been practicing with CDJ’s, as I know it’s the standard. Definitely not as fun for me, but it works. I hope to meet Craze one day and ask him how he manages to use 1200’s everywhere.

3. You won a ton of stuff with the Zedd remix contest. Have you received any of your prizes yet, tangible or not?

I have just received everything tangible, yes. I’m immensely grateful to all the companies, and a bit overwhelmed … Still learning how to use most of it.

4. Any word on an album, especially with this new momentum?

A Scout album is definitely something I want to do eventually, but it’s not quite on my radar at the moment. I’ve been working on a ton of remixes and production for other artists, which is keeping me quite busy and happy for now. I think I just want to be building up my chops more and learning before I tackle a solo effort.

5. What are your top 3 dream festivals to play?

I would love to play Decibel Festival; such a cool line up and dope events. Also it would be cool to play Coachella, and Sasquatch! I haven’t been to either of those two ever, but everyone seems to think they’re bomb.