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4 Reasons We Love Morgan Page [Exclusive Interview]

The relatively recent boom of EDM in America birthed a new era for dance music, and with it came changes to a scene that had been thriving for decades. Among these differences is a growing focus on the DJs/producers playing and creating the songs we listen to, and a shrinking focus on the songs themselves. There are many reasons for this, (good, bad, and indifferent) but one thing is certain: truly great DJs/producers are becoming harder and harder to come by. American progressive house veteran Morgan Page is one of those artists. His understanding and passion for the dance music community commands respect and his productions even more so. Check out four reasons we love Morgan Page that we came away with after our recent interview with the Grammy nominated artist.


 He Understands His AudienceHe Never Stops WorkingHe Loves His FansHe Cares About The Scene