Don’t mess with SKisM and Never Say Die

Dubstep demigod and Never Say Die boss SKisM shared some thoughts about Disciple Records’ launch of their side label, Round Table, and wasn’t exactly complimentary. Huh?

Utilizing the power of social media, SKisM set the stage for his public outcry, and then released a video among a series of tweets explaining just why he’s so angry. According to SKisM, there’s more to the story that we don’t know, and he’s had enough. Calling out Dodge & Fuski and Myro in particular, SKisM feels as though some of the Round Table marketing is a bit familiar,Ā bearing a striking resemblance to Never Say Die’s own Black Label. Too familiar, for SKisM’s liking, especially as someone who helped original fund Disciple.

They also paid for a sponsored Facebook post of the video, which features a “Missing” poster for a marketing plan. Written on the notes intended for passers-by to take with them at the bottom of the poster is a website. That website’s URL? Go ahead, check it out. What you’ll find is a Soundcloud media player featuring Badklatt’s new singleĀ Knuckle Sandwich, officially out today via NSD: Black Label.

But, what’s Disciple Round Table, you ask? Well, it’s the dubstep-focused branch of Disciple Records, not all that different from Never Say Die’s Black Label. Again, according to SKisM, the launch of Disciple Round Table began to look familiar. A lot like the launch of NSD: Black Label a couple of years ago. So, they bought the best potential domain name for the new label, and promoted their own song with it. Huh.

Disciple Records has responded, with what mostly amounts to a “no comment”. Preferring to handle the matter privately, the talent-filled label emphasized a respect for SKisM and the helped he’s provided them over the years. Whether or not that’s enough, along with whatever communication the fellas have behind closed doors, remains to be seen. Either way, plagiarism isn’t cool, even in small doses.