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Bust a Move Through History With 20 Years of EDC

Believe it or not, it’s officially less than 20 weeks until it’s time to make our annual pilgrimage to Sin City for this year’s installment of EDC. And while we can fill that time with events like Halfway to EDCLV this weekend, as the time draws closer for us to dawn the glow fur and spirit hoods, the fact remains – we still have to fill almost five months of our lives with the daily rat race so we can afford these electric escapades.

That’s why DMNW is happy to inform you of at least one small victory in the battle against killing time. While it may not actually make EDC come any faster, as they old saying goes, “Time flies when you’re having fun!” and what’s more fun than a history lesson…right? That’s the spirit!

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Electric Daisy Carnival, our friends at Insomniac have teamed up with Spotify and will be releasing weekly playlists from each year of EDC’s history, starting with the top hits from 1997. In addition to the playlists, Insomniac.com will feature little known facts and trends from every era of EDC’s history and quotes from Pasquale Rotella and other special guests who experienced the scene first-hand.

So while June 17th can’t come fast enough, you can help kill about an hour of your week by burying your nose in some history homework. As Gandalf always said, if you don’t study you shall not pass. Besides, when you think about it, listening to all those playlists will equal almost one less day you’ll have to sit around waiting! And isn’t that pretty much the worst part? You can thank us later.

When did you start following electronic music? Do any of these tracks sound familiar to you? Let us know by getting the conversation started below or by sharing your voice on social media!