Trinity Nightclub

18+ Club Nights Return to Seattle’s Pioneer Square Neighborhood

Something For The Youngin’s This Summer

When it comes to clubbing, options for the under-21 crowd in Seattle are pretty slim. And they’re about to be even slimmer with Studio Seven’s upcoming closure- the SoDo music venue serving as a popular dance music spot for those not yet of legal age. But not all news is bad news! This Summer, two of Pioneer Square’s biggest clubs are opening their doors to the 18+ crowd, and the parties are already underway!

Stage Nightclub (formerly known as Volume) is bringing back its EDM Wednesday theme night.

“With this night’s comeback, we will be providing a safe environment for the EDM community and offering a platform for Seattle’s young DJs to showcase their talent” —STAGE Nightclub

STAGE went on to emphasize that they are Instituting a zero-tolerance policy for those who are intoxicated or abusing substances.

Located literally across the street, Trinity Nightclub will be hosting 18+ up parties every Thursday night as part of its new Throwback Thursday theme. From hip-hop to dance, prepare to dance your face off to some of the hits of the 90s and 2000s! Ludacris anyone?

Another venue to keep an eye on is Aston Manor. Located down the road in SoDo, its SHARPS and Friends summer parties are 18+ and are always a good time. Recent SHARPS headliners include Fransis Derelle, the Ying Yang Twins and Chingy. We can’t wait to see who Sharps brings into town in the coming months!

For more event updates, following the clubs on their respective websites or Facebook pages.