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The 10 Most Memorable Sets From Paradiso 2014

3. Seven Lions (Digital Oasis)

How Seven Lions wasn’t slated for the mainstage is beyond us, but in the end his performance in the tent may very well have been the best that stage saw all weekend. Overflowing with fans trying to get in on the breathtaking bass and trance combo that Seven Lions was throwing down, it was more than a little difficult to find a clear spot to stand near the front.

Constantly moving to make room for people coming in, no one was going to miss this set regardless of the stage. At one moment in the hour, even the sound guys got in on the action, cooling the crowd down with open bottles of water. Looking around, it was evident that there was not a single person not enjoying the music. Seven Lion’s set was easily one of those times you were able to stop and realize how much you truly loved every single person around you, closing to a sing-along with Strangers (and at one point in the opening of his set, even giving us a little Bohemian Rhapsody).



Seven Lions Paradiso 2014

Seven Lions was a set we’ll never forget.