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Zomboy Goes Big Room House, Just In Time For Paradiso – WTF!?

WTF!? Zomboy? Big room? Not you too! RELAX. It’s still definitely Zomboy. If anything, it’s a grungy, bass-infused version of big room that we’ve been waiting for all this time. Perhaps that’s why Zomboy titled the track WTF!? because it really makes us stop and say, “WOAH. This. Is. Big.” Sure, he may lose some close-minded bass-head fans who refuse to let his artistic abilities branch outside of the dubstep realm, but they would be missing out on some heavy, explosive sound that is jolting the stagnant festival house game. Peep the track below, and get ready for something wildly different this Paradiso: festival house, Zomboy-style.

This isn’t the first time Zomboy infiltrated the house game; he slaughtered the electro house scene in his Reanimated EP with tracks like Raptor and Bad Intentions, and proved himself to be unafraid of petty genre boundaries and generic expectations. Zomboy isn’t out to be crowned the next big room house king, but he sure is turning heads and maybe even setting higher standards for what we allow into our eardrums in the big room realm. All in all, Zomboy will be Zomboy, and wherever his creative mind takes him, we know not to contain him, because he’s onto something BIG. But, if you’re still missing out on the filthy dubstep style, we understand – Thankfully Cookie Monsta, the UK’s atomic bomb-dropper of bass – also on the Paradiso lineup –  has cooked up a massive remix to WTF!? and it’s right here waiting for you.

cookie monsta edm at emp

Cookie Monsta threw down HARD last Bumbershoot – were you there?

Purchase both versions of WTF!? right here via Never Say Die Records!

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