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Zhu Reveals Mystery Of His Identity

One of the biggest sources of buzz during the last half of 2014 was the mystery surrounding Zhu. His hit Faded got many tongues wagging and many remixes were made of it, and yet we had no idea who was behind it all. He first popped up in Sydney, Australia, and then had us wondering if he could possibly be a pseudonym that Skrillex was operating under at Stereosonic. For months we have been wondering who he was, and now we finally know just the tiniest bit about him.

Zhu had quite a bit to share with the LA Times last weekend before the Grammy awards, and yet very little was about him specifically. He shared that his named is Steven Zhu, and he’s a 25 year old who grew up in California, starting in San Francisco and making the pilgrimage of so many musicians to LA. In a world where DJs tend to make it more about the name than the track, Zhu has insisted on keeping his identity a secret in order to keep the focus directly on his music rather than his looks. For a guy who is incredible at performing shrouded in lights and sounds we would say he’s doing just fine.

2015 is just starting to kick off in the music world, and we cannot wait to see what else Zhu has in store for us. In a world where DJs blur the lines between themselves and pop stars it’s refreshing to see someone who keeps the focus on the music and not the glitz and glamour. With productions getting bigger but not necessarily always better only good things can come from keeping the focus on the sound rather than the face in the DJ booth. Let us know what you think of this latest from Zhu. Do you like his approach or do you just want to see what he looks like already? Let us know!