ZHU Cancels Upcoming Tour

ZHU recently announced that his Dune Tour Part II would be canceled. About a month ago ZHU announced his new tour that would cover a number of states. But recently he turned to social media to announce that the tour would be canceled to focus on making music. He tweeted and posted on Instagram,

“I’m sorry to say Dune Tour pt 2 will be canceled. It is time for me to make new music. Music that will inspire me and those around me. Music that I can play come festival season.”

ZHU goes on to say that, “this is only delayed, not gone.” It seems that he has no want to stop playing, he is only creating more of a library to play at coming shows. Festival season is fast approaching, and ZHU is already popping up on lineups. Whatever he plays and creates we hope he gets what he needs out of it, and inspires himself and others.