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Does anyone know what Zedd’s next move is? (Opinion)

Photo by Rukes

Zedd is always traveling at the speed of light. That being so, it obviously wouldn’t be accurate to claim that he has slowed down. And despite not releasing any album material since 2015, he has had two full-length tours during that period.

The Orbit Tour (2019) and the Echo Tour (2017) both showed off Zedd’s new show production. Excision uses similar techniques to premiere productions like The Evolution and The Paradox.

Is it Zedd’s objective to work on a third album right now? Where are his priorities? Since 2017, all of his new tracks have been pop-friendly. Happy Now and Stay are the closest we have gotten to electronic productions. Good Thing, 365 and Get Low are — at least to us — lesser representations of Zedd’s ability to produce vocal tracks.

On the other hand, there is The Middle. The Grammy-nominated pop single finally won us over when we heard it live last September. Our problem is that we crave his electronic drops.

That’s why his live concerts are so fascinating. Heavy electronic drops have never left his live shows. To this day Zedd still plays a variety of genres on tour, ranging through dubstep, trap, AC/DC, Ariana Grande, and Old Town Road among many other genres, artists, and songs. But despite his all-genre flavor, he chooses to release similar-sounding pop productions. If Zedd wanted, it seems likely to assume he could go in any number of interesting directions.

What is next for Zedd in 2020? Odds are he will continue touring the world; people will pay top dollar to see him perform. That’s largely driven by top-tier live production. Even so, the safe bet would be to expect more pop-friendly singles. Long term, Zedd fans will take the risky bet and hope for a third album that hopefully shows off his musical diversity.

Until then let us know when you plan on seeing Zedd next on Facebook or Twitter!

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Photo Credit: Rukes Photo Credit: Rukes

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