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Zedd Is Hosting Personal Parties For Devoted Fans

Zedd’s no stranger to making an impact. The Grammy-winning producer blasted his way into stardom, dropping chart-topping hit after chart-topping hit. His meteoric rise dominated the competition and left him standing, victorious, with…a Selena Gomez collaboration/relationship? Clearly, the man’s not infallible.

But, perhaps to apologize for the uninspired mess that was I Want You to Know, (or maybe to promote his forthcoming album) Zedd recently began a viral marketing campaign that requires fans to actively participate in a massive scavenger hunt. The first fifty winners of the search are given exclusive access to a screening of a forthcoming release from the album.

While an exclusive first listen is a reward worthy of excitement on its own, the real prize is the experience. The prize is basically a personalized, colorful adaption of Bud Light’s ‘Up for Whatever’ ad campaign; except instead of ping-pong with Arnold, it’s partying with Zedd in an exotic locale. From limousine rides to desert bonfires, each event is a unique celebration of new music.

Most important, however, are the colors. Considering that Zedd’s new album is called True Colors, modeling each experience after the hue a specific song evokes is a clever way to establish a theme for each legendary sneak-preview. So far, there have been three of these hunts; purple in Austin, orange in LA, and yellow in Phoenix. The next one’s scheduled for the 21st of April in San Francisco, and there’s no telling what to expect.

But, that only accounts for four of ten. The other six are completely up in the air. Let your friends know about the event, put on your running shoes and keep a watchful eye on your phones, and try and be a part of one of the most unique things going on in dance music!

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