Picture yourself wearing sandals on the beach, sunlight fading over a gentle ocean tide. Your friends are ushering you to the front of the stage, where What So Not is playing. Lasers and lights dance in and out of the palm trees, and a warm breeze keeps you cool while you dance with your friends. Where are you? You’re in Fiji, the latest addition to festival locations, attending the second annual Your Paradise festival.

A little rusty on your high school geography? Fiji is an island in the South Pacific Ocean, just some 1300 miles northeast of New Zealand. Comprised of more than 330 separate islands, Fiji is an archipelago, and globally recognized paradise vacation spot. With only one year of history in the making, Your Paradise is the latest and greatest in festival locations to hit the public. With individual package prices starting at just $1,799, it’s cheap enough to grab our attention, and make us daydream about this year’s lineup, fruity umbrella drinks, and warm, white sand.

The way it works? A package includes room & board, a festival ticket, and a flight from 1 of 3 Australian airports. Yes, you are responsible for your airfare to and from where ever you are coming from to Australia.  Getting a bit out of your price range? Don’t worry, Your Paradise offers financing options! All in all, Your Paradise sounds like an incredible experience, undiscovered by most so far. If you find yourself with spare vacation time this November, definitely take a look at Your Paradise Fiji, the festival of your dreams.

Your Paradise Fiji