There are many advice columns online regarding Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) 2016 and how to be best prepared for what’s sure to be an amazing experience. We noticed that some advice constantly showing up on online forums from user experiences doesn’t make it on many of these lists, so we decided to include some important tips for those of you attending EDC Las Vegas this year. We hope it aids assists you in having the best experience possible!

1. Chapstick is a necessity

Sometimes things like chapstick don’t quite make it on the packing list when there are more exciting things to pack like tutus and pony beads. But in the Nevada summer heat, chapstick is a necessity at EDC Las Vegas. The dry heat in addition to higher temperatures will have your lips cracking in no time. Experienced EDC goers claim it is can be detrimental to your entire experience if you forget to bring it. Don’t forget, items like chapstick need to enter the festival sealed!

2. Don’t meet at the daisy


The LED Daisy may seem like an ideal meet-up spot, but don’t be fooled!

At first, the giant, LED daisy seems like the IDEAL meet-up spot, but many of us have heard the tales of past EDC goer experiences with trying to find the daisy. For those who haven’t: The giant LED daisy is NOT a good meet up spot. Countless online reviewers across the internet agree: “Don’t choose the daisy as your meet-up spot. Just don’t do it.” Unfortunately, it seems the LED daisy is not a stationary piece of festival art. Rather, it roams the festival landing itself in a new position through out the three nights. Instead, choose a meet-up spot that remains in the same place, such as the lockers.

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