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Your Brain On EDM: All The Ways Music Is Enhancing Your Life

music on the mind diagram

Your brain on music.

There is so much noise out there about EDM. In the mainstream media, it’s viewed as a disastrous trend of our youth, reminiscent of the days when rock n’ roll was labeled as rebellious music. It’s also been labeled as a bubble just waiting to burst and become insignificant, and most recently, apparently EDM is the latest and deadliest party drug that should instill unwavering fear in those who don’t understand it.

We are here to set the record straight. EDM is actually just music. No need to fear it, judge it or over-think it. A vastly expanding and popularized mega-genre, sure, but we’ve come a long way since dial-up, and the roots and stems of different styles of dance music across the globe are more accessible than ever before.

Our human relation with music has the power and capabilities to benefit our lives in many big ways, and electronic music is no exception. We want to share those mind-altering benefits with anyone who may be unfamiliar with the remarkable scientific findings of music on the brain, and hopefully shed some light on the real world of electronic dance music; The one that we are profoundly moved by, regardless of what it may be perceived as. So jump in, explore new sounds, and realize that this is still the same music that moves the human mind, body and soul. We dare you to disagree.

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