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Young Dirtybird Justin Jay Graduates And Releases Cracking New Single

Just finishing college, Justin Jay is wasting no time digging deep into his producing career. In this effort he has put himself back in the studio and is bringing us the new single: Hit It. The single is released on Beatport and is also a part of his EP Mom, I Graduated, which is set to be released September 14. The 22-year-old producer is part of the Dirtybird crew, which had their first Dirtybird BBQ in Seattle this summer. Having spent the past few years using his college room dorm as his studio, it’s exciting to see what he is has brought us as a result.

Those who attended some of the Dirtybird BBQs might have caught this single, as it was tested there and has been received well by the fans. Having been busy writing music, producing beats and experimenting, Justin wanted to take a break and make some banging club sounds; this is the result. The track itself is filled with eerie vocals, double claps and kicking bass. The goal was to make some fun club beats, and with those clean drums and overall solid production, we think the time spent in his dorm paid off.

Though he made his way around the country, Justin was not at the Seattle BBQ.  Have no fear though, as he is coming out as part of Decibel Festival. He is set to take the stage at Q, so be sure to come check out what Justin will be bringing along with Shiba San and Christian Martin.

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