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Yahoo! The EDC Live Stream Is Coming!

There is still so much to do before Paradiso arrives and it’s creeping up on us quickly! We still have to finish outfits, make more kandi, and get ready to pack. But with so much to do, it’s the perfect weekend to kick back and get warmed up with a live stream of three days under the electric sky.

If you can’t make it to EDC Las Vegas this year, Yahoo! has you covered. They’ll be hosting a live stream of every stage so you won’t have to miss a set, with the exception of those dreaded schedule conflicts. Luckily, it takes much less time to change your selected stage on the live stream than it does to actually RUN across the speedway from one stage to the other. So at least if you have to split a set in half, you can catch a little extra of each artist thanks to good old fashioned (or new fashioned) technology!

We couldn’t be more excited to crank out all kinds of kandi this weekend while we “go” to EDC!

Ready to go under the electric sky? Access the live stream here, or mouse over our banner above the fold to see the stream embedded directly here, on Dance Music Northwest! Remember, it doesn’t start until June 19 at 8:30pm PDT so if you go there too early there won’t be a whole lot to watch.