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W&W and Blasterjaxx Set To Release New Collaboration ‘Rocket’

W&W and Blasterjaxx are no strangers to releasing big tunes on Hardwell‘s Revealed Recordings but this time they’re due for their first collaboration, Rocket. We won’t lie, we’ve been patiently waiting for a tune from W&W throughout the last year that’s even half interesting. Fortunately pairing with the extremely talented duo Blasterjaxx could only make us hope that a fuse has been sparked and W&W move back to old form. Rocket is the perfect confluence between Trance and that insanely unique electro sound Blasterjaxx have been forming since their initial rise in 2013 when Tiesto signed their collaboration with Billy The Kit Loud & Proud to Musical Freedom. The beginning of 2014 has been a huge success for both duos as they’ve been touring globally and continuously releasing nothing but chart topping tunes. Take a listen below and leave your thoughts! Is Revealed Recordings on the right track to holding their throne as biggest EDM record label of 2014?

–Out on Revealed Recordings April 21st–

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