(Is this your photo?)

Who Wants To Have A Beer (Or Few) With Seven Lions?

As any fan of any artist will tell you, they would dream of knocking back a few with their favorite one. Well, Seven Lions is giving you that opportunity at Lucky on Friday the 13th. We should mention that this is not a contest that is sponsored by Dance Music Northwest, we just thought you might like to know it’s going on. This is probably one of the most simple contests we’ve ever seen.

The rules are simple: Take a picture with your favorite beer, upload it to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #SEVENLIONSMOMENTSEA. You must have your pictures up on social media by 6pm PST on Wednesday, March 11th. Seven Lions himself will be choosing SEVEN lucky winners, so you better bring your A-game (maybe the fratty, chugging, bro face picture might not be the best choice). Seven Lions is actually a pretty chill dude. And of course, must be 21 or over to qualify.


But hey, if you don’t have any luck with this contest, we still have your back. Follow this link to win a couple of tickets to Lucky 2015.