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What The Festival Will Not be Returning for the Summer of 2018

If you were hoping to dance at Wolf Run Ranch this coming summer, we have some unfortunate news. The team at What the Festival announced that What The Festival will not be returning in 2018, but has hopes to make it back in 2019. Full statement is below:

They say that it was a challenging year for them and need to take a break in 2018 to recenter and re-energize. They had their first fatality at the ranch this last summer, but the founder/producer of the What the Festival, said the death was “completely unrelated to the festival.” We hope they get the rest they need, and come back in 2019 better than ever.

What the Festival brings a special experience that people have fallen in love with. We know that though they may be taking a summer off, people will be ready to come back to dance and explore the forest in 2019. We’re sending our good vibes, What the Festival team!