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We’ll Take You There: Pendulum Surprises Seattle Fans With A DJ Set

Here in Seattle, Aston Manor has been stepping up their game lately with massive artist bookings. In the past couple of months, we have seen many sold-out shows at the venue, such as Borgore and Mashd N’ Kutcher. But our hats are truly off to Stardust Events this time with their latest booking.

After four years of near-silence, we saw Pendulum take the stage at the 2016 Ultra Music Festival. Much like Swedish House Mafia, the years of silence have brewed many rumors of the group returning with new albums to be released, but no one could be sure of the exact details. Well, Seattle is extremely lucky right now. Pendulum will be right within our grasp, literally at our back door.

On October 8th, in the wee hours of the morning, you can catch Pendulum’s DJ set down at Aston Manor. Tickets are still being brewed by Stardust, and when we get the details on when they are to be released, we will surely tell you all. As for now, keep your eyes peeled and your hopes high. We couldn’t be more ecstatic for the release of who will be DJ’ing either, though it’s likely to include El Hornet.

We can definitely expect this show to sell out, so grab your tickets when you can! Who knows when Pendulum will visit the Pacific Northwest again.