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We Get Funky Fresh With New Zealand’s Own K+Lab! (Interview)

Caleb Cowie is an enigma. A performer foremost, this New Zealand legend in the making has been making waves in the breaks scene for many years now. Garnering massive fanfare here in Canada and the US, New Zealand’s K+Lab has been touring relentlessly, solo, with friends, and more recently with Shapeshifter. He’s a man with a plan, and is ready to take North America by storm. You may remember him literally rocking a keytar solo on a woman’s shoulders? Yeah, that kind of special.

With a new album on the way, and coming off a long, rapid-pace tour, the future looks bright for this young firecracker. Not to mention hitting the #1 spot on the Beatport Glitch Hop charts with PNW favourite Stickybuds for their tune Clap Ya Hands, 2017 is the year of K+Lab, absolutely. After having his page hacked recently, this dynamo is also in need of some help boosting those numbers back as he had to start from scratch! Check him out on Facebook here!

Now like many touring artists, K+Lab is a busy, in demand DJ with a ton on his plate, so when we were given the opportunity to pick his brain on all things music, we jumped at the chance. We were able to chat about touring, essentials, and what the future holds for this rising star.

So, first off, tell us about touring with Shapeshifter, what was that like?

K: It was a exhausting, inspiring and an honour. I was a huge fan of Shapeshifter over 10 years ago when I lived in Melbourne. I moved back to New Zealand to pursue music and never would of guessed I’d be touring with them one day. They’re true artists and professionals, I’m really inspired to try new things in my live show and as always push things to another level. They’re also a hilarious bunch, things get pretty funny when you’re running on minimal sleep and a tour van full of weirdos.

Your single with Stickybuds Clap Ya Hands just hit #1 on Beatport, how did you feel when you got the news?

K: It’s always great to reach the #1 spot, it’s getting harder to reach that position with the amount of artists making Glitch hop now, but what makes me most proud is that it’s held the spot for 2 months — it’s a new record for me. A lot of work went in to that tune. We went through over 30 versions and thousands of back and forth messages to get it right, seeing it rock those charts makes it all worth it!

You have a pretty impressive festival lineup planned out for this summer, any in particular that you’re just elated to play? Any first time engagements?

K: I’m excited to return to Motion Notion as it was the first Canadian festival I played and my first time returning since that set, I just remember playing that set and realizing Canadians really get what I’m trying to do musically. Shambhala is always a crazy good time and there’s a few first timers—Astral Harvest and Tall Tree, which I’ve heard great things about.

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