We Found Our ‘Favorite Sound,’ With Audien

Audien released his newest single Favorite Sound on March 7. In the production process, Audien collaborated with the band Echosmith. You might recognize Echosmith from Zedd’s True Color’s album and their song Illusion.

We are introduced by beautiful vocals from Echosmith’s Sydney Sierota. Her goal was to create a euphoric environment. Audien finishes with a drop that will push you through the ceiling.

We expect to hear Favorite Sound at the Group Therapy Weekender with Above & Beyond. Audien is supporting on the lineup. With his uplifting approach to house music, Audien will bring The Gorge Amphitheater into a frenzy, goosebumps, and pure euphoria.

This is Audien’s first single of 2019. After three successful releases in 2018, the 27-year-old is pushing forward. Are you ready for his third main stage set at the Gorge this July?!?

The key to Favorite Sound is the brilliant vocal work. At first, everything is slow, but quickly the tension increases. Our hearts beat faster as Audien introduces layer after layer of instrumentation throughout the first verse. Sydney Sierota details a vivid story in song. Favorite Sound is so much more than a chorus and drop. Listen now.

Sydney Sierota, the lead singer of Echosmith, says “Writing this song came so naturally because it comes from such a personal place for me. It started in our home studio in LA and it ended up becoming one of my favorite collaborations.”

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