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We Drop: Dive Into the Hybrid DnB of Impossible Records’ Newest Artist

You're not going to want to miss this South African duo.

Of all the local music coming out of the Northwest, nothing has caught our eye more than the releases we’ve seen from KJ Sawka’s Impossible Records label. When last we spoke with Sawka, he was just beginning to build the label from the ground up, as he was gathering together some of the best undiscovered talent in all of bass music. The latest Impossible offering comes to us in the form of We Drop, a hybrid drum & bass duo coming to us all the way from Cape Town, South Africa.

We Drop may be relatively new to the spotlight, but their music is nothing short of boundary-pushing. Their Cyber Thugz EP extends far beyond a simple DnB tempo; more than that, it borrows from every corner of the genre, carrying a sound that growls for your attention throughout. That Impossible Records sound is unmistakable, as a label carefully curated to feature refreshingly different music you definitely won’t hear hear on pop music radio. For We Drop, it’s hard not to see big things in their future, and with the Impossible label behind them, the sky is truly the limit.

Cyber Thugz is currently available for purchase on Beatport! For more info, follow the duo on Soundcloud, and Impossible Records on Facebook