Joffrey Middleton-Hope

The Way-Too-Early Shambhala 2017 Lineup Wish-List

Although we’re only about a month-out from our more than memorable Shambhala 2016, planning for next summer’s festivities are well under-way. Tickets to the 2017 edition of Shambhala Music Festival, the 20th anniversary of the event, have already sold-out, doing so in less than 24-hours. If past Shambhalas, and current excitement, are any indicator, Shambhala 2017 will be one for the ages.

If you were unable to secure your ticket to Shambhala next year, don’t fret, and try to be as patient as possible. More tickets will become available throughout the coming months, and when an event is 11 months away, many things can happen. The combination of music, people, and the environment we come together to enjoy it in, all sets Shambhala apart from the rest, and we understand the stressful rush to return. But, we believe that patience, and utilizing the Shambhala-approved practices of securing tickets past the sold-out date (which many attendees use) will be the most fruitful way to ensure we get back to the Farm.

Daydreaming about returning to Shambhala is one of our favorite year-round activities, and preparing our own fanciful lineups for the festival is an exercise constantly propelled by “Oh, man, that’d be awesome”. We created our wish-list last year, and were lucky enough to have more than a few granted, with the likes of Andy C, Caspa B2B Rusko, and more gracing the stages at Shambhala 2016. Now that tickets are sold-out, and everyone’s excitement is somehow continuing to grow, we can unabashedly begin dreaming up our wish-list for next summer.

Shambhala 2016 REZZ

REZZ at the Pagoda, Shambhala 2016 – Photo Credit: Joffrey Middleton-Hope

We had an incredible time at Shambhala last year, and have zero doubts about the quality of next year’s event. Shambhala is one of few festivals that both those attending, and those performing, have a great time, and the combination of these factors helps draw the best in the business to the Farm. From funk to house to dubstep and more, nothing is off-limits at Shambhala.

So, we came up with another wish-list, albeit a bit early. Securing tickets and making travel plans are taking place, so we might as well discuss who we hope joins us at the Farm while we wait for our bank accounts to heal. We know there are restrictions regarding the sizes of the stages and whether or not certain acts could perform, but this is an article discussing acts we wish to see at Shambhala 2017. We’re going to dream big, and hope that maybe some special adjustments could be made for special acts at the 20th anniversary of our favorite festival.

We broke the acts down into four categories: Big Names, Great Fits, Live-Sets, and Label Takeovers, while leaving out some of the more obvious returning acts, such as Excision, Subvert, The Funk Hunters, Stickybuds, and more who are sure to put Shambhala on their schedule each year. Of course, we all have our favorite artists and genres, so feel free to comment below and let us know who you’d like to see at Shambhala 2017!

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