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Warp Academy Addresses Room Acoustics (Free Video Tutorial)

Buying good studio monitors isn’t the end-all-be-all solution to improving your studio, and chances are,  your room or studio setup is drastically negatively affecting your sound without proper room treatment. Our friends at Warp Academy have created an extremely in-depth tutorial about room acoustics that’s a must-watch for professional and amateur producers alike.

We are thrilled that this tutorial is available completely for free – full of crucial lessons for setting up your studio, regardless of your background. The nearly 20-minute video leaves no stone unturned…this sort of lesson might cost big bucks from another music production resource.

“Fancy gear and expensive monitor speakers are very alluring, I know. But far too many times when I look at producers’ studios, I see MAJOR setup mistakes that are preventing them from properly hearing what they’re doing.

After getting inundated with a ton of questions about how to set up a studio the right way, and seeing SO MANY photos of studios that are set up plain wrong, I had to shoot this video to point out some essential fundamentals of studio setup.” –Vespers, Warp Academy


The comprehensive tutorial covers everything from common issues and room calibration to speaker placement. There’s also a great before and after “clap test”, that demonstrates the benefits of quality room acoustic treatment and knowledge. Big ups to Warp Academy for continuing to be a priceless facet in the world of music production education!

In addition to this fabulous video, Warp Academy has an outrageous amount of free production tutorials on YouTube and on their website. For the more skilled producer, they have a variety of other intermediate and advanced tutorials that cover all things Ableton, Serum, sound design, mixing, and more!

Are you feeling inspired to revamp your studio after watching this video? Let us know your thoughts on social media!

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