Disney may be best known for their characters, some of whom have become beloved by the EDM community. (Cheshire cat anyone?) Others may know Disney best for their epic theme parks or their phenomenal soundtracks. What some of you may not about Disney is their equally mind-blowing behind the scenes creations. Disney Imagineers have come up with some crazy cool creations, some of which have become essential parts of Disney life. For example, the audio-animatronics at the theme parks like in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride were once birthed in the Imagineer’s labs. Disney has also dabbled in gaming, notably Kingdom Hearts and the Fantastia: Music Evolved game. But what the hell does this have to do with EDM?

What would you say if you could 3D-print a speaker in any shape you wanted? Disney Imagineers have proposed a technology by which simple and not-so-simple objects can be 3d printed with the intent of being used to amplify sounds. In the video below they show examples of a faceless teddy bear (the face is the speaker), a ducky, and a spiral. Each object has a different sound played through it, but the proof of concept is mind-blowing. How cool would it be to go up to a souvenir stand and be able to walk away with a speaker that you selected and printed, and can now play use to play Deadmau5 for spite??

Check out the video below, there is some pretty cool science behind it. The physics of sound are super cool and the Imagineers in the video do a great job of explaining just why the speakers work the way they do. Now that Disney has proven the concept what do you want to see next? Which character would you want a speaker made out of, and what would you play through it? Let us know in the comments and you never know what may happen if you wish upon a star!