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Volume Nightclub Is Closing Its Doors After One Last Show

After 5 years in the Seattle night life scene, Volume nightclub will be closing its doors. The news came very suddenly via Facebook and social media. It is not clear as to why the Pioneer Square staple is being forced to close its doors. Volume was the club to be at for many years when it hosted its 18+events on Wednesdays as well as a host of insane shows in its underground bastion. The official statement from the club:

Their final show will be on Saturday, May 2nd featuring Uberjakd and New World Sound. After that, their doors will sadly be shut permanently. What is to come afterwards is anyones guess. Regardless of how anyone feels about Volume, whether is positive or negative, it is still a huge loss for the local scene and us at Dance Music Northwest. Volume was one of the first nightclubs to support us when we hosted #RELOAD with Rise Over Run, and for that we’ll forever be grateful.

We are still awaiting a statement from Volume Nightclub for more information, so stay tuned! We will keep you updated as the story develops. Tickets are still available for the final show over here, and we highly recommend coming out to celebrate the final night in an iconic Seattle club.