Viral DJ’s Mashd N Kutcher To Invade Seattle This Weekend

Expect The Unexpected WIth These Fun-Lovin' Aussies

Move aside NERVO, there’s another Australian electronic dance music duo making waves around the world. And they’re paying Seattle a visit this Saturday for some Memorial Day Weekend fun! DJs/producers Mashd N Kutcher have been building quite the following on social media over the last year with some of their on-stage antics (in addition to their musical abilities). These guys like to troll! With more than a million followers on Facebook, these two frequently post videos showing themselves doing the silliest things, from toying with crowds to collaborating with a random pizza delivery guy. See for yourself below!

As unpredictable as they can be, Mashd N Kutcher can really throw down. Scoring especially high marks in the mash up category, these two play just about anything: progressive, bass, hard trap, the list goes on. The duo also like to utilize actual instruments in their sets, displaying their drum and keyboard prowess in some pretty creative ways.

Priding themselves on fun, high energy sets, they’re also not afraid to join the party! During a recent performance in Vietnam, they jumped into the crowd for some head banging action- mid set. How many artists do you see doing something like that?!

If you’re looking to dance at a high energy show this holiday weekend, this is one you won’t want to miss! Tickets are currently available online. If you’re interested in going, better act quick! They are currently at their final price tier of $20. Will we be seeing you at Foundy on Saturday?