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Vendor Alley: Farm Fashion – How Shambhala Inspired a Mini-Doc

Shambhala is one of the most magical places that we here at DMNW have ever been. The sights, the sounds, the people, everything is honestly perfect, and we don’t have enough good things to say about it, as indicated in MANY articles over the years.

One of the most amazing parts of it, almost on par with the musical selections, is the fashion. Shambhala is one of the leaders in festival wear and trendsetting, with their vendor spots highly sought after. It’s a race to claim them, and it’s an honour to be able to sell your wares at this amazing place.

I/O, the company responsible for the sprawling Shambhala documentary that captured our hearts in 2015, is releasing a mini-doc on the forward thinking, eccentric, and beautiful fashions at one of our favourite places in the west.

Filmmaker Kevan McGovern examines the role that fashion plays in creating and expressing identity, while showcasing some of the tastemakers behind the unique styles evolving from Shambhala. This documentary short introduces us to the faces behind the brands that helped shape festival style for electronic music culture in Western Canada.

Explore the vendor village, peruse the beautiful, often handmade, and one of a kind treasures that emerge from this unique venue, all behind the lens of one of western Canada’s premier filmmakers. Spot the sights you miss and get ready to return to the farm anytime now!

We’re incredibly excited to see the stellar vendors featured in this documentary. Check out the I/O Facebook page for more info, and keep an eye out for the full release July 31. Until then, view the trailer below!

What is your favourite festival fashion trend? Do you have some go-to festival wears? Let us know in the comments!