Vancouver’s Red Room Delivers on Good Vibes & Heavy Bass

For over 8 years, Red Room Ultra Bar has been a staple in the electronic music scene in Vancouver. Earlier this year, we began focusing on bringing more news from the Vancouver area and right away Red Room caught our eye. With international and local talent passing through each week, a PK Sound System, great atmosphere, and good vibes; it’s no wonder it’s made a name for itself as being one of Vancouver’s best venues. In what some call the “No Fun City”, there’s certainly no lack of good times here. With the addition of their weekly SUBculture Saturdays, bass fans have come to learn that Saturday night at the Red Room is a no brainer.

Vancouver, while relatively small for a major city, boast more nightclubs and venues within a mile radius than other cities in the Pacific Northwest. With such a range of venues, each offering their own unique experience; Red Room has managed to build its reputation as being a premiere venue for dance fans in the city. It’s offers a more intimate setting free of the “club vibe” and red velvet ropes while providing quality production accompanied with one of the best sound systems on the west coast.

Photo: Joffrey Middleton-Hope

While Red Room’s history extends back over 8 years of amazing nights and unforgettable acts, the real turning point for them seems to have been just under 2 years ago with the addition of a weekly Saturday night event, SUBculture Saturdays. As well as introducing the first PK Sound system installed in a venue on the west coast. Blake McRitchie,  Owner of Digital Motions Events; the brand behind SUBculture Saturdays, has said the addition of PK Sound has helped take the venue from good, to great. The welcome addition also brought significant recognition with the Shambhala crowd, only helping build the community that is flourishing within the Red Room’s walls.