DMNW Picks: Your Valentine’s Day “Trance and Chill” Playlist

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Is it really time again for a Valentine’s Day playlist? Ready or not, Valentine’s Day is here and the pressure is on to not disappoint your lover this February 14th. You probably have plans to shower that special someone in your life with chocolates, flowers, and/or other lovey-dovey shit couples give each other this time of year- I wouldn’t know. I’m single as fuck.

I do know it’s 2018 and people are going above and beyond; doing the unexpected. Two months into the new year and we’ve already seen a car launched into outer space, the birth of zero gravity raving, and the legendary Armin van Buuren performing upside-down because, I guess, he can. Why not go above and beyond yourself? Instead of treats and flowers today, why not give the gift of trance music?!

EDM’s most emotional sub-genre, trance, embodies the Valentine’s Day spirit to a tee. It reminds us to love, celebrate life, and to always keep your head high. It can also help us explore dark, and psychedelic worlds, but that’s a topic for another time. To help you get your “trance and chill” on today, your friends here at DMNW compiled some of our favorite love-themed trance anthems that will surely score you some brownie points when played in the right setting (think dim lights, candles, etc.). Take a listen below!

What trance song would you play to seduce your lover? What should we add to our playlist? Let us know in the comments below!