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UW Creates ‘Vive’ Wristband Concept For Safer Partying

A technological concept created by students at the University of Washington gained recognition last week at the annual Design Expo at the Microsoft Research Facility Summit in Redmond, Washington. The concept, entitled ‘Vive’, aims to have users easily maintain a balance of having a good time and being in control while partying. It is currently in the non-working prototype phase. Vive is on the cutting edge of wearable sensors and could potentially implement an impressive wide range of features that any party-goer would appreciate.

These features include a trans-dermal alcohol sensor, a dehydration sensor, Bluetooth, and a gyroscope accelerometer. Users would also be able to squeeze the wristband to ‘check in’, indicating they are having fun and are also in control of whatever situation they may be in. It isn’t just about safety and well-being, though, as the wristbands would have the capability to connect to a smartphone and allow users to make connections with people that they meet at events by tapping the wristbands. You can also check out a video from UW students showing how the Vive wristbands would work.

Vive bracelet pic

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