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USC Brings Back The Weekend With Recap Videos For Both Days of Paradiso

Paradiso Festival came and went faster than any of us could have anticipated. With three stages of various DJs and genres to choose from, as well as a setting for the Super Geek League, we’re sure you felt as torn as we did on where to be and when. The fun-filled weekend is still fresh in our minds, but we have found ourselves wanting to return to paradise. With as much going on at Paradiso as there was, you may have even found yourself missing out on some of your favorite sets, just as we did.

Fortunately, USC Events has wasted no time in making sure attendees are able to relive the previous weekend that came and went so fast. If you find yourself still sitting on the hill at The Gorge, feel free to take a second and look over the videos for Day 1 and Day 2 from USC Events.  It’s okay, we’ve hit “replay” on these videos plenty times already too. Let us know what moments you miss most!