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USC Events To Launch Unprecedented ‘Paradiso Journey’ College Tour

Paradiso may be a few months out, but it’s never too early to get excited. To get us ready, USC Events has officially announced an unprecedented PNW college tour, set to invade Seattle, Spokane, Pullman, and many more. The plan is give us a preview of DJs who may very well be gracing stages at Paradiso, as the tour sweeps across campuses in the Northwest all throughout April. Artist announcements are yet to come, but we’re fairly certain plenty of #selfies will be taken.

Seattle is a town that hates to wait when it comes to its festivals, and Paradiso is no exception. Just imagining our favorite artists taking the stage at the Gorge is enough to make anyone long for the summertime, but soon our wait will come to an end. Keep tuning back in for more info as it comes, check out the dates below, and prepare yourself for a pre-party for the ages as we eagerly await what’s sure to be a killer full lineup.

USC Events Announces College Tour