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Urban Therapy: A New Remedy for the Void in Your Bass Filled Life

DMNW loves this community. We love the music, we love the people, and everything in between. We love helping promote local shows, and giving artists in the PNW a place to showcase their talents and everything they’re capable of. And when you take the time to dedicate yourself to something you love, life finds a way to let you know you’re on the right track. Whether it’s music or any other kind of art, you put in the effort and you’re going to see results. Such was the case last week in Victoria, where the results of a collective effort were not only heard, but felt and seen as well thanks to a local group of artists known as Urban Therapy.

Urban Therapy aims to re-imagine urban spaces as immersive social environments, and from the moment you stepped through the door this past Thursday at Lucky Bar, that mission statement rang true. Whether it seeped into your head from the selection of sub-bass bombs being dropped from the stage, or you were merely mesmerized by the eye candy provided by EMP Interactions, the inaugural Urban Therapy club night was a reflection of the time and dedication put forth by a talented crew that wants to bring Victoria the very best from the world of bass.

Just in case you missed that…yes, there’s a new bass night in Victoria; and trust us when we say – it’s lit, fam!

Urban Therapy: Volume One was the first of its kind in a series of monthly shows and if the next few are going to be anything like the last, then we’re all in for an ass shaking good time. Dripping with sounds from the low-end spectrum, a skilled selection of UR/TH residents and Victoria’s Kirtay set the stage for the Vancouver duo Greazu$, winners of the 2014 Shambhala remix competition with their track “Sound the Alarm.

The combination of a heated selection of tunes and good vibes emanating from the crowd set the tone throughout the night. Never at any point did it feel like you were at just another show, or just another bar. The atmosphere resembled something more out of a proper rave; complete with the mind bending visuals, the bass heavy sounds, and of course the sweaty, intimate dance floor. So if a monthly night of bass filled bliss sounds up your alley, keep an eye out for the second edition coming next month!

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