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Upper Left Presents Outlines: A Welcomed Return to the Warehouse

Upper Left takes us back to basics

The dance music scene is changing and there’s no denying it. The concept of bigger festivals with insanely priced headlining DJs is dying. In its place is something far better though: A return to basics. Artists are starting to focus more on musicianship rather than crazy production values. Promoters and event companies are looking to provide us with unique experiences, rather than simply the same old party. And nowhere is this ideal represented better, than with Upper Left’s planned secret warehouse show on July 1st, Outlines.

The lineup features Brodinski, Ryan Hemsworth, and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosuars, and plenty more, all coming together for a night that harkens back to the days of 90s raving. It was a time when it was all about the music and the people over everything else, and Outlines will serve as a much-needed reminder. Upper Left heads Doug McIntyre and Sean Majors both cut their teeth on that 90s warehouse rave scene, making them the perfect hosts for a return to basics. The yet-to-be-announced location will have multiple rooms, with tickets on sale now at $35 a pop.

The upcoming slate of Upper Left shows is about as good as it gets when it comes to merging old-school appeal with talented artists. On June 12th, they’re partnering up with Sharps n Friends over at Aston Manor to bring us DMX, along with a host of awesome locals. That’s followed soon after by Outlines on July 1st, and then finally, the second edition of the Dirtybird BBQ on August 14th. The sum total is a series of events that represents everything we love about the local PNW scene.

Join the event page for Outlines over here, and keep checking back in for more info on the secret venue when it’s announced!