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TyDi Brings Variety With New Album ReDefined

Australian producer, songwriter and DJ Tyson Illingworth, better know as tyDi, is set to release his next album ReDefined on September 30th. TyDi has often been quoted about demanding more originality in the electronic dance music scene.  The twenty tracks on his new album do just that– breaking genre boundaries and exemplifing his artistic vision.

Somebody For Me featuring Cameron Forbes is a pop trance track while Box of Lego featuring Kasmir & Sinead Burgess is pop step with emo vocals.   Perhaps surprisingly, his single Stay released earlier this year with a folk/country vibe did not make the cut on his new album.

Based on his demo, ReDefined is a rollercoaster of sound, and will almost certainly set the bar for producers hoping to transcend dance music genres.  Although tyDi does not have any Pacific Northwest tour dates so far, he will be playing at Nocturnal Wonderland on September 5th in San Bernadino, California.  You can get a sneak preview by pre-ordering ReDefined on iTunes today.  Be sure to check out his YouTube album trailer and tell us what you think by commenting below, on Facebook, or on Twitter!