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Tritonal: Everything The NW Loves About Dance Music [Interview]



The Dada Land appearance couldn’t have come at a more exciting time for Tritonal, who released their Metamorphic III EP via Enhanced Music on September 15th. The third and final chapter of the Metamorphic EP trilogy series, Metamorphic III, is the capstone in a life-altering journey for the duo.

We accomplished so many things in how we produce records and things we’ve learned along the way. I can tell you right now, Metamorphic I, just getting the concepts and ideas down was kind of a struggle because we wanted to already pursue something better than where we were. Even now, looking back, you can hear so much growth.-Dave

At the time it was about the word metamorphosis. We took that word to mean change for us. We were coming from trance, we didn’t want to be that sound or play that music anymore, we wanted to change. And we did!…There’s so many tracks that people will never hear that we wrote that are kind of cool or really cool, but didn’t make the cut. It was as much about filtration as it was about outlook. It was learning to filter ourselves, learning to take time with the music and just growing as song writers. – Chad

Artists blending the lines between genres and going in new directions isn’t anything new in dance music and should be celebrated. Tritonal’s shift from trance to a more progressive sound is one of the best examples of artists doing so successfully. They’ve continued creating masterful melodies while venturing into uncharted waters and consistently improving their songwriting. If you’re looking for a track that defines this shift for Tritonal, look no further than Now or Never.

To us, it was about taking what we loved about trance, which was great melodies and sexy vocals, and infusing them into music that was contemporary for our sets and for the U.S. We’re from here, we wanted to make a statement for here, and a lot of what we were hearing at the time wasn’t us anymore. We’re super excited for Satellite and Anchor. Seraphic is a track that’s something we’ve never done before, and it’s cool, man! -Chad

Reaching new heights and taking on new challenges opens up a lot of new doors for artists, and Tritonal is no different. Between co-owning the Enhanced Music label with Will Holland and working with tons of new artists, the future truly has no limits for Tritonal.

We choose to collab with people because we feel like it brings a different element to our world…Over the course of Metamorphic we began to become acquainted with different people and different artists and we really discovered another caliber of vocal, of top line writing ability, and of song structure writing ability…We’ve really taken it back to old school songwriting, trying to write a good song. We want to collaborate with people who are doing things we aren’t doing, because that’s cool. – Chad

If the past is any indicator, Tritonal will be unleashing new, cool tracks and collabs in no time. 2014 has been a banner year for the duo and we couldn’t be happier that they took the time to speak with us. Let us know what you think of Metamorphic III, if you were able to experience the Dada Land Compound, and how excited you are for what Tritonal has to offer in the future! Comment below, on Facebook, or reply on Twitter!

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Born and raised in the Northwest, professionalized in Pullman. Enjoying the ride that dance music provides in our lovely corner of the country.

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