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Trippy Turtle Announces Last Tour & Retirement via Metaphorical YouTube Video

The life of a touring DJ and producer, while rewarding, is plagued with long nights, insane travel, countless interactions, and way too many assholes. Today we’re sorry to say that the touring grind has claimed another DJ to retirement, as Trippy Turtle announced on YouTube that he’s going on one last tour then (understandably) calling it quits.

The video, titled Trippy Turtle – The End, chronicles Trippy the Turtle’s musical journey through “oceans across the world.” The toxicity of the broader electronic music industry is represented in the video as ocean pollution. It’s a very clever double-meaning, and reminds us all that we need to constantly work to keep both our musical world and our real world clean and cared for.

Thankfully, the fofofamily will still be alive and well, and we can only imagine that Trippy will continue to have some kind of management role of the brand overall. Still, it’s sad to think that promising artist after promising artist could be chewed up by an industry which prides itself publicly on PLURR. All the more reason to clean up “the planet.”

Looks like you’ll want to get tickets to Trippy Turtle’s final tour ASAP. See details below. Thanks for all the amazing music and awesome sets Trippy. It made a big impact on us. So long, and thanks for all the fish.