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Lots And Lots Of Pretty Lights: Trinity’s Renovation

Nightclubs have a habit of changing frequently; mostly through the drama and excitement of coming and going, and a few through renovations. It’s not just true here in the PNW; it’s a well-known quality of nightlife in just about every city in the world.

Trinity has been a Seattle staple for those who love to socialize and dance. We wrote about the club recently in our review of the best Seattle dance clubs. Last night Trinity reopened after three weeks of being closed for renovations and the results were a feast for the eyes.

The most noticeable (truly, hard to miss!) changes are the massive lighting updates around both of the main dance floors. The rooms, affectionately known as the “red room” and the “blue room”, respectively, might not be referred to by those names much anymore. Trinity is truly using all the colors of the rainbow now!

trinity saturday 3-15

In the main room you’ll find several long and slender LED panels which compliment the LED screens that frame the DJ booth. The blue room has also been treated to massive panels of larger LED bulbs. The large bulbs in the blue room are reminiscent of old-fashioned circus lighting attractions. The DJ booth has been updated to a more clean look and feel.

blue room dj

Trinity made these changes as part of efforts to become a club that is more focused on the EDM experience. We spent part of the evening hanging out with resident DJs Brandon Chang and Akira Barrett, known as Rise Over Run, who were excited to take over the decks on Saturday night. They looked on longingly at the DJ booth while Nick Cannon, the guest DJ for the reopening event, played to the crowd. “We can’t wait for tomorrow,” Brandon said. We’re excited to see Trinity light up with more lights and more music for the EDM lovers.