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Trinity Nightclub’s Blue Room Debuts New Night For Guilty Pleasures

Trinity Nightclub has long been a home for popular music, strong drinks, and great crowds. Recently, the Seattle fixture has gone through few changes, opening up to the 18 and older crowd, renovating its main room, and most recently, the unveiling of its brand new night devoted to guilty pleasures.

While the main room gets down to singalongs, big room, and all the mashups and remixes it can handle, the club’s vaunted Blue Room will play host to Reloaded every Saturday.

The new night is hosted by Trinity resident DEAF!N!T, and will feature a steady diet of guilty pleasures from the golden age of pop, hip-hop, and rock.

The first edition of Reloaded kicks off this Saturday, with local DJs Nightwatch, DiSTi, and of course, the man himself in DEAF!N!T holding down the ones and twos.

So strap in, and brush up on your Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, and Queen — this one’s going to be wild.

Join this Saturday’s event page here, and keep an eye out for more from Trinity!