Trinity Nightclub (Facebook)

Trinity Nightclub Announces All Nights Will Be 18+ Going Forward

Trinity Nightclub announced today, January 7th, that beginning immediately their doors will be opening to all attendees 18 and older, on all nights. This represents a dramatic shift in the long-standing club’s entrance policy, and fills an interesting gap in Seattle nightlife.

A number of popular clubs in Seattle (including Trinity) have been hosting 18+ nights since the summer. Catering to the 18+ crowd can be a bumpy road, but clubs that do provide an essential service to the community – namely, making sure young music fans can access and enjoy the bounty of talented DJs and performers Seattle has to offer.

“Starting this weekend, Trinity Nightclub will be 18+ to enter, 21+ to drink. We still have multiple full-liquor bars, and we still offer bottle service at tables, but there will be areas open to 18+ throughout the club,” said Guy Godefroy, Trinity’s General Manager, on Facebook. “It’s been going great on Thursdays since May, and I’m excited to see it launch on the weekends.”

We reached out to Guy to find out more about Trinity’s decision to go all-in. “The 18+ crowd needs a consistent safe space to cut loose and do some dancing, that is up to code, has a security team, and real management. We worked with the Liquor Control Board to make sure all of the I’s were dotted. Then we moved forward with their approval.”

Presumably Trinity is counting on this work with the WSLCB, and its long-standing place in the community (it opened in 2005), to help it avoid the difficulties many 18+ clubs encounter. One fear that’s often expressed is how expanded age-group attendance might alter the experience at the club. Here, Guy is confident things are only getting better.

“The 21+ crowd will still have plenty of room to party at Trinity, and will probably enjoy the festival-style energy the young crowd brings to the dance floor. With our resident artists like Moobek and Rise Over Run ready to feed them, 2019 should be a fun year!”

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