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I Tried EDM Dating App Mix’d for Two Weeks: Here’s What Happened

a couple dances together at tomorrowland
Photo: Tomorrowland on Facebook

Dating in Seattle is one thing. Finding a date who listens to electronic dance music and goes to shows regularly? Even harder than you think.

Since being introduced to the genre four years ago, EDM has become a key part of my life. To date me, you have to be somewhat tolerant of my choice in music. So far, throughout my Seattle dating experience (I moved here from Virginia four years ago), that hasn’t always been the case. Sure, I’ve met women at festivals and club nights, but nothing ever stuck after the final song ended. Considering how prominent online dating is in the Emerald City, I decided to test my luck with Mix’d, a dating app not just for EDM fans, but music fans in general. The result?: Ehhhhh.

Released in 2015, Mix’d is basically a simplified version of Tinder. It’s free to use, but you must have a Facebook account. Using Facebook, Mix’d imports your photos, educational history, current job, and, most importantly, your liked artists. The app will even display a list of recommended artists you should add to your profile based on your likes. Don’t want your school or work listed? No worries! Displaying those two bits of information is completely optional.

mix'd app allows you to select artists you like

Mix’d Imports Your Liked Artists on Facebook To Help Build Your Dating Profile. (Photo: Mix’d App)

One thing I was baffled by while creating my profile were the photos I could upload. You can upload up to six–cool–but you can only select from your Facebook profile pictures album, and Facebook pictures you’ve been tagged in. The ability to take a photo and upload it directly to Mix’d, or import from Instagram, was non-existent. You’re strictly confined to those FB albums. So, if you don’t have flattering photos on FB, like I do, this stinks. At least give us the ability to upload from our mobile camera roll!

To complete your Mix’d profile, you have to adjust your search radius, select your desired age range, and write a short bio about yourself. The whole account creation process takes less than five minutes. Ready to swipe away, the first alert to come up: there are “no more users” in my area. I live in Seattle, one of the biggest cities in America, and there isn’t a single user nearby? A city where the EDM scene is just as huge as the online dating one? I set the radius to 50 miles. Still no luck. For two weeks, I couldn’t find anyone in the entire Seattle-Tacoma-Everett area! My age range was pretty spaced too. Instead? They threw users at me who lived outside of not only Washington but the entire Pacific Northwest, justifying this by saying “music knows no boundaries” or some shit like that.

mix'd app significant other search criteria

Your Search Criteria. Despite Selecting the Max 50 Mile Search Radius, I Found No One Nearby Over The Course of Two Weeks. (Photo: Mix’d App)

When it comes to matching, you either swipe left or right. Like Tinder. For me, I was presented with up to 6 potential long distance matches every 24 hours. Once you exhaust those swipes, the app tells you “that’s it for today. Check back tomorrow!”. Lame. Unlike Tinder, you can see a potential match’s favorite artists below their profile picture. So while your eyes will immediately gravitate to a person’s main profile picture, right underneath it are avatars of his or her favorite artists- you can’t miss them.

mix'd app invite friends screen

You’ll Get This Message. A Lot. (Photo: Mix’d App)

As I swiped away, it was cool to find matches who listened to Above & Beyond, Armin van Buuren, and other artists I hold near and dear. A few times, I did successfully get a few mutual matches despite me living nowhere close. Knowing we had similar music taste helped make opening conversations easy. “What’s your favorite Gareth Emery song? Saving Light? That’s mine too!” A lot of my potential matches lived in the Midwest, which I thought was interesting. A ton who either go to or graduated from Ohio State University. But I didn’t join the app to make new pen pals. So, after two weeks – delete!

mix'd app

Use Mix’d To Meet Users From Outside the PNW. Remember, “Music Knows No Boundaries!” (Photo: Mix’d App)

Maybe a long distance relationship could have formed, and I did have some fun convos, but I don’t think I’m at a point in my life where I could commit to something like that. Mix’d has the potential to be a fun dating app, however, it’s held back by its small user base. A little more marketing could do wonders! Until then, the search for “rave bae” continues!

Have you had any luck with music dating apps? Let us know in the comments below!

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