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Treefort Music Fest Releases 2019 Lineup

The 8th annual Treefort Music Fest has announced their 2019 lineup. The lineup will showcase over 400 artists including names such as Ekali and Shiba San. This five-day, indie rock festival takes place at various venues throughout downtown Boise, Idaho on March 20-24. Treefort aims to be an environmentally sustainable festival while strengthening the music and arts scene and supporting local businesses.

Take a trip to Boise over spring break for a chance to experience something different. You can connect with the community and discover some new favorite bands, films, writers, yogis, hackers, thinkers, comics, makers, artists, ales, and foods.

Tickets are on sale and going fast. The first few tiers have sold out and are at the $200 level now. If you’re interested in attending the festival, start planning now! Book a room in beautiful downtown Boise for the opportunity to be in walking distance to all the festivities.