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Ticket Info For Treefort 2019 is Finally Here!

Treefort Music Festival just announced details for 2019 and needless to say, we’re excited! Treefort started in 2012 in Bosie, Idaho, and has been growing ever since.

This music fest welcomes anyone and everyone, believing that humanity is far greater than the sum of its parts. Treefort holds several different forts for people to explore and enjoy their own taste of entertainment, culture, and scene. Last year’s lineup included artists like Galactic, Rapsody, Princess Nokia, and much more!

Wanting to buy tickets? Treefort is opening their Early Bird, Discover, Zipline, and U21 (Under 21) tickets on September 7. Regular priced tickets will be available after the first artist announcement in November and March 2019.

Wanting to get more involved? Treefort also has submissions for jobs, volunteering, and even performing at one of the forts!

Have you ever attended Treefort Music Fest? Let us know what you think in the comments below!